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Fun, loving, encouraging,courageous,open-minded,free-thinker,change the game ,inspirational,forever young ,children magnetic,no limit, no fear, freedom , adventurous,always learning ,forever growing, 

Author Yomeica Webb

Is a wife, a daughter and a  mother of three sons born & raised in the heart of Brooklyn …
Yomeica became the owner and president of a group day care center in Brooklyn ,NY in her community understanding the need for transportation to single parents Ms Webb included this free of charge to parents who found it hard to travel on public transportation with their children , by providing pick up and drop off  services Ms Webb was pleased to know it  would relieve the stresses to young parents as she too was a parent and wanted to accommodate those  in need.

Yomeica Webb


Ms Webb relocated to Long Island where she was able to extend  her passion to the elderly in need of care Ms Webb started a home care agency for the elderly and disabled providing respite services making her self available 24 hours a day. 

Writing is a passion that comes as natural as being a mother you think ,sleep,eat, trying to make things better …. Well in this way Ms Webb express this is why she write she is hoping to make things better , better thoughts, open mind, understanding diversity . 

Ms Webb is writing to inspire,encourage,teach,reveal  the world through the children eyes.